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7 Reasons Your Herb Garden Keeps Dying


1. You’re drowning them.
Herbs love water but don’t want to swim in it, so make sure your pots offer sufficient drainage. Look for pots that have a hole at the bottom that will let excess water seep out — and pair them with a saucer so you don’t have a mess.

2. You’re forgetting to prune.
Pinch off flowers and trim your plant regularly to keep it from getting top-heavy. Different herbs do require more or less pruning (basil requires a lot; parsley requires very little), so do your research. Gardening Know How offers simple directions for every herb.

3. You’re not giving the soil a nutrient boost.
Don’t rely on the potting soil your plant comes in. Feed your actively growing herbs with liquid fertilizer or organic fish emulsion once a week (find them at the gardening store), recommends the National Gardening Association (NGA). And if you compost, make sure to mix some into the soil.

4. You’re being a little too ambitious.
Growing herbs from seed isn’t easy if you’re new to gardening. There’s no shame in beginning with a starter plant from the gardening store.

5. You’re not researching your plants.
Not every plant should be treated the same: Parsley requires misting or high humidity; chives shouldn’t be over-fertilized.

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