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The Clever Way To Grow An Herb Garden


Our friends over at Hometalk spotted this ingenious project from one of their community members, The Micro Gardener, and we’re ready to get out our gardening gloves to recreate it.

It’s called an herb spiral, and it’s as pretty as it is functional. Instead of planting herbs in a row, you create a stone twist that allows you to plant upwards instead. Herbs that need less water (like rosemary and thyme) are placed at the top, and herbs that like moist soil (like mint and chives) are grown on the lower level. You can also position herbs based on how much sun they need (the south side of your spiral will get more sun than the north side). This way, all sorts of plants can live happily together in one spot.

But the coolest part is that there are endless variations on how you can make your own: Try an overgrown spiral with craggy stones, or a more angular version with rectangular bricks.

Read more: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/gardening/advice/a25968/spiral-herb-garden/



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