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18 Easy Easter Activities That The Kids Will Love


Easter is almost upon us, and for you parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and Godparents, this means one thing: Easter Holidays!

That’s right, school is out for a luxury two weeks which means 14 long days (or more in some cases) of entertaining the little ones enough to keep them out of trouble.

This is no mean feat, and we’re on hand to help! Today we’re sharing some easy but fun Easter ideas that are perfect for filling the coming days.

There are a variety of things on offer, from Easter baking ideas to crafts and everything in between. With a range of difficulty levels and durations, we have something for every minute, hour or day you need to fill.

Have a great Easter Holiday with the kids, and try some of the ideas below.

Easter crafts for kids

1. Egg carton chicks

If you follow our blog regularly, you’ll know how much we love recycling and upcycling here at Expert Home Tips.

Given that, it’s no wonder we’re completely mad for this adorable Easter craft for kids from Crafty Morning.

It’s so simple – all you need is an egg carton, some yellow pompoms, orange paper and googly eyes.

It’s easy enough even for the littlest with hands.

2. Easter egg potato stamping

If you thought that Easter craft was easy, just take a look at this one!

Painting is simpler than ever when you use potatoes.

We’d recommend the adults doing the chopping and carving, and the kids making the masterpieces.

Get a step-by-step guide to potato stamping at Easter on Sassy Dealz.

3. A colourful Easter Craft

Easter bunting is the ultimate Easter decoration.

Perhaps the best thing about bunting, is the length – everyone can work on a different section/component of the craft without getting in each other’s way.

Easy parts can be given to little hands, whilst more challenging tasks can be left for the teens/adults.

If you want to try out this great decoration for yourself, why not try out our very own Easter Bunting tutorial? It’s the prettiest thing you’ll see today!

4. Easy Easter sewing craft

Why not make Easter a time for sewing-initiation?

Sewing is a great skill to have throughout life, and this simple, Easter craft for kids from Red Ted Art is the perfect introductory project.

It’s a more challenging craft, ideal for those aged 7-10 as it requires patience and concentration. This is good news for parents, as you’ll get some well-needed quiet time.

5. Wearable Easter crafts for kids

How do you fancy making your own cute hair accessories with your little ones this Easter?

Simple As That Blog has shared a fun and simple craft to Easter-fy your child’s bun this season.

Maybe it’s for a party, or perhaps there’s no reason at all! We don’t think you need an excuse to try out something this adorable.

6. Paper plate Easter mask

Continuing on with some more super cute, wearable Easter crafts, we have this paper plate bunny mask.

Made from just a paper plate and a few straws, this is one of the simplest Easter Crafts out there. What it lacks in complexity, however, it definitely makes up for in effectiveness.

Learn how to make one with your kids at Kids Craft Room.

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